Difference Between Polarized and UV Protection Sunglasses

With the increasing temperature and global warming, you will find many harmful rays which can cause your eyes several damages. There are many reasons for wearing sunglasses, but the most important reason is to protect your eyes from damage. These rays can also cause blindness, and therefore wearing sunglasses on a sunny day is a must.

Nowadays, you have heard about different types of UV protection and polarized sunglasses. You should know the difference between polarized and UV protection sunglasses before wearing them. In simple words, UV protection sunglasses will help you protect yourself from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Still, polarized sunglasses are for better image clarity, and they will eliminate any glance.

Wearing UV protection sunglasses is a must thing, but using polarised sunglasses is a choice, but they provide you with excellent image clarity. Not many polarized lenses offer UV protection. These two sunglasses will provide you with different benefits from each other.

UV protection sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses –

These sunglasses include a thin film or coating, which will eliminate the glare and clear your vision. The glow is formed by the solid reflected light like when the sun rays reflected in the water. This glare can interrupt your image and make it blurry. Sometimes the sun rays reflect through the solid surface, and it will create shine in your eyes, leading to blurry vision.

With these sunglasses, you can see every object because they will filter the reflected light from different angles. These sunglasses are used for many outdoor activities such as fishing, extreme sports, driving, etc. Without the glasses, you will face color perception and distortion in the image. You will find different designs and models in the women’s polarised sunglasses category.

UV protection sunglasses –

If your eyes have been exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays, you will face several damages like sunburn to the cornea, muscular degeneration, etc. You should also know that if you are standing in the shade on a sunny day, you must wear sunglasses because the rays can reflect through the buildings or solid surfaces that are harmful to your eyes.

The primary function of UV protection sunglasses is to shut off all harmful rays, and it will also reduce the brightness which can get to your eyes. These sunglasses are not made for eliminating glare. Before buying the sunglasses, you should check for the brand and legal protection from UV rays.

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